SaHo-Maschinen offers you a professional and reliable service for the relocation of your industrial machinery. Whether you are commissioning a new machine or relocating an existing machine to another site, we are your reliable partner.

Our experienced team of technicians and fitters will ensure that your machines are set up quickly, safely and efficiently on your production site. We have the latest technology and equipment to implement any type of machine, whether it is a small or a large, heavy machine.

We take care of the complete implementation including the dismantling of the old machine, the transport, the reconstruction and the commissioning of the new machine. Our team works closely with you to ensure that the relocation of your machine runs smoothly and that production downtime is kept to a minimum. We always strive to carry out the relocation process as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise the impact on your production.

Our technicians are specially trained and experienced in the relocation of industrial machinery. We place great emphasis on safety and ensure that your machine remains safe and undamaged throughout the entire relocation process. If required, we also offer comprehensive training for your operating personnel to ensure that they can operate the machine safely and effectively.

Contact us to arrange a conversion of your machine and let us ensure that your production continues quickly and smoothly. We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of the implementation and provide a customised quotation tailored to your specific requirements.